Act I: A marriage in the Land of Fame

by LiveWire Chicago Theatre

THE NOT KING is the story of a would be could be King in the Land of Fame.

At the wedding of the King of Not and the Princess of Why, tensions are high as the Ruler of the Land of Fame is not yet ready to release his hold on the throne. The nuptials of his daughter should bring him joy, but what that means to his power in the Land weighs on him much heavier. With the help of his right hand man, Albert, and his son, Leo, the Ruler sets a plot in motion to make a quick end to their marriage.

Meanwhile, Not and Why have other plans. They are ready to take control of the Land of Fame. Ready to reap the benefits of their new union. Ready for all their dreams to come true… But life in the Land is not that easy.

Unless you are the Star of the Land, who makes a surprise appearance at the wedding reception, to sing a tune and renew his commitment to the Ruler through his agent, Don United, a close friend of the Ruler and of Not… But friendships in the Land are also not so easy.

A choice is made.

A dagger drawn.

An act ends…