Updated Not Synopsis

by LiveWire Chicago Theatre

Haven’t posted in a while, but we have begun script development on Act III of The Not King. After reading through and discussing the first two acts, a new synopsis has been written to guide us as we write the third and final act. 

SYNOPSIS: King Not and Princess Why are about to become the rulers of the CNA Network currently run by Why’s father Ruler Randy and he is none to pleased so he sets a plan in motion to kill them but they catch wind and Why stabs her father dead seventeen times. This act, which she gets away with, turns the nation’s attention to the CNA Network and its inhabitants. Why and Not are banished from the CNA and are soon forgotten about as all eyes are on the new rulers, Queen Jam and her new toy The Star. Living is relative obscurity for the first time, Not is determined to get his revenge and get the couple back into the power, which is rightfully theirs, well hers, but maybe something will turn up. All the while, Why is met with a dream. Her dream takes her to meet her real parents (by the way, she was adopted) and there she finds her true destiny and her way back to ruling CNA… But? At what cost???